So, you had nonsurgical root canal therapy for an infected tooth. Now you are experiencing additional problems with the same tooth. Does that mean it has to come out? Not necessarily. It could be saved with an endodontic surgery called apicoectomy. Dr. Ryan Lepore guides patients from Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor, Largo, Clearwater Beach, and Dunedin, FL to the specialized care they need to avoid the necessity of dental implants, bridges, or partial dentures.

Why apico dental surgery could be needed

The apex is the furthest tip of a tooth root. Apicoectomy or root end surgery involves removal of diseased tissue in this area. The apex of the root is also removed so that the end of the canal can be filled. The procedure eliminates infection, preventing its spread to surrounding bone or other tissues. It also calms discomfort from infection-related inflammation.

In experienced hands, the success rate for nonsurgical root canal therapy is very good. However, tooth anatomy can be complex. Healing of the initial procedure or fresh problems with the tooth can be triggered by:

  • A narrow or overlooked canal
  • Delay in placing a crown on the root canaled tooth
  • A crown that becomes loose or damaged
  • A new area of decay or trauma

Dunedin, FL patients have nothing to fear from apicoectomy

Apicoectomy is a precise procedure, carefully planned with advanced diagnostic technologies. From the patient’s perspective, it is brief and minimally traumatic. You are settled comfortably into the treatment chair, and your mouth is numbed with local anesthetic. The endodontist creates a small incision in the gum to access the tooth root and perform necessary work, including cleaning and disinfection of the abscessed root(s). The incision is closed with a few sutures to speed healing. Then, over time, bone fuses around the root tip.

You receive post-procedure care instructions, and most people return to normal activities the next day. Any residual swelling or discomfort can generally be easily managed with over the counter or prescription analgesics.  With good oral hygiene and regular professional dental attention, the treated tooth can remain part of your smile for many years.

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Dr. Lepore and his amazing staff do an outstanding job of creating a peaceful and friendly environment. The comradeship is evident in this office. Everyone works so flawlessly to achieve perfection, highly evident this group has received excellent training and education across the board. I am so impressed by the results of my dental work and insanely grateful for Dr. Lepore, Courtney, and staff at Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry!!

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