Gum Recession Treatment Options in Dunedin, FL

Gum Recession Treatment Options in Dunedin, FL Area

Do you have extra sensitive teeth? Have you noticed that your teeth look longer than they used to? These are both signs of gum recession. Left untreated, this condition can lead to decay and tooth loss. There’s no way to reverse the process, but gum recession treatment options in Dunedin, Florida, can slow the recession rate. Learn what causes this dental problem and how to protect your oral health with the help of Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry. WHAT IS CAUSING YOUR GUM RECESSION? Our dental professionals will first determine the most probable causes of this condition. This approach helps ensure we … Continue reading

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Just had a great dental cleaning at Lepore Dentistry. All the covid precautions in place AND it was the most gentle cleaning ever. I almost fell asleep!

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