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Dr. Ryan Lepore, Dr. Erin Dougherty and their team at Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry can help patients in the Dunedin, Florida area with the cost of dental treatments. With our dental saving plans, we can ensure patients have attainable treatments that they need to achieve and maintain their oral health and wellness. Instead of enrolling in a dental insurance plan through one’s employer or personal means, our team may recommend the dental savings plan options available at our facility. Below are some common questions and answers (FAQs) that are often discussed at our facility about our dental saving plans.

What is a dental savings plan?

Dr. Ryan Lepore and Dr. Erin Dougherty find that a dental savings plan is more flexible than a dental insurance plan. Dental insurance plans are often provided at a high monthly rate for patients through their employers. Each month, money is removed from one’s paycheck to pay for an insurance plan. With a dental savings plan, patients pay a flat rate annually for a membership that provides coverage for all treatments–either in total or at a discounted rate.

Why choose a dental savings plan over dental insurance?

Dental insurance plans have many limitations. Dental insurance plans may deny procedures that need to be performed, leaving patients to pay out-of-pocket for procedures and surgeries. Instead, a dental savings plan includes complete coverage for preventive care and discounted rates for other treatments such as elective or cosmetic dentistry which is rarely, if ever covered by traditional dental insurance plans.

What dental saving plans are available at Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry?

We offer two plans to meet our patients’ needs. Our standard plan, which costs $429 annually, includes:

  • Two free examinations and cleanings each year and two fluoride treatments.
  • One oral cancer screening.
  • Unlimited dental x-rays.
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Our wellness plan costs $729 annually and includes other benefits, including unlimited dental examinations, four cleanings a year, and four fluoride treatments and even annual salivary testing which is typically not covered by dental insurance benefits. With both plans, discounted procedures and treatments are also available to reduce one’s overall costs of dental work, including general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry.

How do I find out more about dental savings plans?

Patients in the Dunedin, FL community interested in asking more questions or learning about the dental saving plans available at Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry are urged to contact our team of professionals at (727) 608-4690 to discuss their options. Dr. Ryan Lepore, Dr. Erin Dougherty and their front office team can help enroll patients and assist them with the first step towards better oral health and wellness through our state-of-the-art dental practice and ensure patients can get the treatments they need to bring their smiles to health and maintain the results for a lifetime!

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Our Dental Savings Plans

Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry believes that everyone should have access to high-quality dental care and that financial constraints or insurance status shouldn’t stand in the way for anyone to receive such care. That’s why we have introduced Dental Savings Plans as we don’t want you to compromise on your dental health. We have two plans – Standard and Wellness - offered at an annual membership fee of $429 and $729 respectively.

Membership will entitle you to a host of benefits including free and discounted treatments with a focus on your overall health.

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