Do We Refer Out and Why?

Why a dental referral to a specialist?

Dr. Ryan Lepore plays a critical role in the oral health of his patients. However, in certain circumstances it may be crucial for a patient of his to be seen by a specialist as part of their treatment. It is the responsibility of every dentist to know when it’s appropriate to treat a patient and when to work in tandem with a specialist. The dental industry, like the medical industry has undergone a major transformation in the past years, becoming more and more specialized. This has enabled the providers to deliver a more custom level of care with the highest quality. General dentists perform a variety of procedures that are suited to their skill levels and preference of treatment, however no two general practitioners practice the same. The general practitioner plays an integral role as the first point of contact and provides quality dental care that is within the scope of their training, expertise, and experience. For more specialized care that is not within their expertise, they will refer to dental specialists to ensure the best result for you, the patient. The motivation behind coordinating therapy among various experts in specific fields of dental medicine is to adequately support the patient’s overall dental health care while maintaining the highest standards in the industry. For example, general dental practitioners may refer to an endodontist, periodontist, orthodontist, or oral surgeon, etc. 

Why does Dr. Lepore himself work with specialists?

Earlier in his career, Dr. Lepore made a vow that he would only treat his patients to the standard of care to which he would expect for himself or his family.

In reflection he says, “If I myself wouldn’t go to a general dentist to have a root canal completed, and instead would insist on going to a specialist, why should I treat my patients any different?”

What does this mean if you’re being referred to a specialist?

It’s understandable that as a dental patient of Dr. Lepore, you might feel cautious about going to see yet another doctor in a different location. Referring you to a specialist is not a decision that Dr. Lepore takes lightly. He fully believes in providing you with the best care for long term oral and systemic health. The specialists on his team are practitioners that he himself would feel confident working on him. Dr. Lepore often says to our patients, “This type of referral is not like your standard medical referral whereby you’re handed a piece of paper and told to schedule an appointment. These specialists are people that I have worked so closely with, that I can call them at 6pm on a Sunday to discuss your specific case. Our team knows their teams as much as they know ours.”

You may be referred for the following treatments:

During and After a Referral to a Specialist 

During your dental care, your specialist and Dr. Lepore stay in constant contact regarding your treatment progression, and our team makes sure that you come back to us to receive your follow-up care. 

Learn more about the specialists that Dr. Lepore works closely with:


Dr. Richard Rasmussen III


Dr. Robert Haller


Dr. Nicolas Mann

Dr. Jeremy Albert

Airway-Driven Orthodontics:

Dr. Alex Johnson

Oral Surgery:

Dr. Shaun Young

Dr. Michael Yuan

Pediatric Dentists:

Drs. Maggie Davis and Lorielle Alter

TMJ Specialists:

Dr. Robert Chuong  –

When you are a patient of Dr. Lepore’s, have piece of mind that he is not only doing what is in the best interest of his patients, but he is also confident that his patients are in good hands.


Very impressed with Dr. Lepore and his staff! Very friendly and knowledgeable. Made my experience there very pleasant. I’m definitely going to be a long time patient!

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