What comes to your mind when you hear the word dentures? Is it a set of false teeth sitting on a glass of water when not in use? Those ordinary dentures still exist, but there is a far superior alternative: implant-retained dentures. If you have lost all or some of your teeth, Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry in Dunedin, Florida, offers implant dentures that are more stable and functional than ordinary dentures.


If you have worn ordinary dentures in the past, you know they tend to click or even pop out loose when laughing or eating. Traditional dentures aren’t stable because they are held in place through suction and adhesives.

On the other hand, an implant denture is a set of natural-looking artificial teeth — complete with a prosthetic gum. These dentures are firmly anchored by implants in your mouth and can only be removed by a dentist during scheduled maintenance.


The first step in getting full mouth implant dentures is to book a consultation with Dr. Ryan Lepore or Dr. Erin Dougherty. The dentist explains the procedure, answers your questions, and discusses your smile expectations. Then, we take digital X-rays to understand your oral anatomy in detail and determine the number of implants you need and the ideal location for placement.

The next step is the insertion of the implants beneath your gum line. The procedure is done under anesthesia, and sedatives will be used, so don’t worry about discomfort. This is typically completed in tandem with one of our surgeons. When your implants are in place, we place a temporary set of teeth (interim implant dentures) as your jawbone heals for a few months. During the healing process, the jawbone fuses with the implants to form a firm anchorage similar to your natural tooth roots.

Once healing has taken place, we place your long-term implant dentures over your gums and screw them onto the implants for stability. With these teeth, you can eat anything and laugh without worrying about your dentures slipping in your mouth.

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For those who are tired of ordinary dentures, it’s time to switch to implant dentures to enjoy many benefits:

  • Stability: Implant dentures are held firmly by implants sitting tight below your gum line — no need to worry about your dentures moving around your mouth
  • Restored chewing ability: Chewing becomes less hassle-free because fixed hybrid dentures restore your biting force
  • Prevents bone loss: When your jawbone lacks the stimulation of the natural teeth, it starts losing its volume and density, resulting in a sagged face. Wearing implant-retained dentures halts bone atrophy since the implants stimulate your jawbone, just like your natural teeth
  • Easy maintenance: Cleaning your implant-retained dentures is no different from maintaining your natural teeth — brush twice a day and floss daily. Also, don’t forget to visit your dentist every six months
  • Straightforward: Rather than replacing every lost tooth with an implant, implant-retained dentures enable the replacement of an entire arch of teeth with just four implants


Are you looking for a more stable alternative to ordinary dentures? If yes, please dial (727) 608-4690 to book an appointment with Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry of Dunedin, FL.

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