Missing Teeth

Do I have to replace a missing tooth or multiple teeth?

Tooth loss can occur because of excessive decay, gum (periodontal) disease, infections, severe tooth wear, or tooth trauma injuries.  Some patients may be congenitally missing a tooth. One of the most common side effects of missing teeth is bone loss. When tooth roots are missing from the jaw bone, this space will deteriorate and bone begins to resorb. This resorption can cause adjacent teeth to lean, and can cause your bite or occlusion to collapse. In addition, missing teeth can change your facial appearance. When multiple teeth are missing, this can also impact your speech and your ability to eat.

What are my options to replace missing teeth?

You have many options when it comes to replacing your missing teeth. Some are temporary solutions, while some are longer-lasting. 

Missing Single or Multiple Teeth:

  • Dental Implants: Can replace one or more missing teeth. Dental implants are anchored into the jaw bone, are a permanent tooth replacement option. Dental implants are the strongest tooth replacement options and function just like your natural teeth. <Click Here for More Information>
  • Dental Bridge: Typically fixed in place, and is commonly made of two or more crowns. The gap is replaced by a “fake” tooth, also known as a pontic and the anchor teeth are known as the abutments. Dental bridges can be fit over natural teeth, or over dental implants. A bridge can prevent remaining teeth from drifting out of their natural position. <Click Here for More Information>

Missing All Teeth or Full Arch of Teeth:

Removable Options: These are prosthetics that would come in and out of your mouth

  • Full Denture: Replaces a full arch of missing teeth. A denture can be worn on the top and/or bottom arch. <Click Here for More Information>
  • Locator-Retained Implant Dentures (Snap-In Dentures): An overdenture improves your appearance by replacing your missing teeth while providing improved overall function for eating and speech, combining the stability provided by dental implants with the convenience of a removable denture. Dr. Lepore considers this the minimum standard of care when it comes to missing all your teeth in an arch (upper or lower).  <Click Here for More Information>

Fixed Options: These are prosthetics that do not come in and out of your mouth.

  • Fixed-Hybrid Dentures (Screwed-In Dentures): A screw-retained denture, also known as a hybrid denture, improves your appearance by replacing your missing teeth while providing improved overall function for eating and speech, with the added stability of a fixed (not removable) restoration thanks to the use of implants. <Click Here for More Information>

Call Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry in Dunedin, FL to discuss with Dr. Lepore which tooth replacement option meets your dental needs.


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