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Elvira talks about her experience with Dr. Lepore and his team and cannot be happier.

Patients Testimonial – Elvira
From blocking her teeth with her hand to smiling confidently and being told how great she looks—Elvira truly appreciates the new, bright smile she has been given. She was really taken by how detail-oriented Dr. Lepore was and how he helped her understand all of the intricate information regarding her procedures.

I came in for a second opinion because I had veneers that were about 20 years old, and I just needed a second opinion of what I could do to fix my smile, to fix my teeth because they were starting to come apart, and crumble. So I came here for a second opinion, and I ended up as a patient of the practice because it was such a great place to be. Everybody was just so nice. Dr. Lepore instantly put me at ease. He came in, and he had so much to offer. There wasn’t any burden where I felt like I had to be here or I had to do something. I mean, he laid everything out very nicely, and then he sat back, and he said, “maybe you want some time to think about that. Just let us know, and we’ll be ready to go when you’re ready to go.” Not only was he able to give me a pretty white smile, but changed the shape of my teeth into a more feminine look, and I love my smile; I love the way it makes me feel; it gives me so much more confidence and makes me very happy to have them. I get told all the time that I have a beautiful smile; I mean, it’s so nice to hear because for so long, I don’t think I even opened my mouth, or I would have my hand in front of my mouth just to make sure that nobody would see my teeth. Now suddenly, I have the freedom where I can just smile, and it’s nice to hear that people think I have a pretty smile.

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Always a friendly and professional staff, I continue to go here even after I moved an hour away. Very trustworthy and honest dentist. Recommend to all my friends! Thank you!!

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