PerioProtect Oxygen Therapy

Perio Protect

What is PerioProtect?

PerioProtect is a non-invasive tray delivery treatment that allows prescription medication to reach the bacteria below the gum line that your tooth brush and floss cannot access. 

How PerioProtect Works

The team at Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry will take upper and lower impressions for custom trays to be fabricated for you. These custom trays are designed with an internal peripheral sealing system that corresponds to your pocket probing depths. This seal allows the 1.7% hydrogen peroxide gel medication to fight subgingival infections by debriding the biofilms in the pockets. As the biofilm that causes periodontal disease decreases, inflammation will begin to subside, and therefore the gum tissue has an opportunity to heal. 

The beneficial 1.7% hydrogen peroxide:

  • No allergic reactions
  • Lack of bacterial resistance
  • Debrides matrix
  • Debrides bacterial cell walls
  • Oxygenates the pockets

Why Do We Use PerioProtect? 

Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry uses PerioProtect for patients at various stages of gum and bone health such as patients with chronic gingivitis, who routinely come back for recare. As well as patients who are undergoing periodontal maintenance following scaling and root planing. These patients typically are on a 3-4 month recare, but now see regressing symptoms of active disease. Additionally, patients with periodontitis who have recently had scaling and root planing, would be recommended at their 4-6 weeks gum and bone re-evaluation where probing depths are measured again. 

After we complete the scaling and root planing for periodontal disease, your gums are going to be less swollen; they will firm up and go from red to pink.  When this happens, we know that your gums are healthier and the infection is under control. Then you just use the trays with the peroxide gel to keep the bacteria from causing new infections. 

PerioProtect is also indicated for patients who have had extensive periodontal work for treatments such as osseous surgery (pocket depth reduction), biologic shaping (indicated when bone needs to be preserved for restorative crown work), or connective tissue grafting (to treat gum recession). 

Learn more about the benefits of PerioProtect here:

Dr. Ryan Lepore - Perio Tray® by Perio Protect - Non-Invasive Treatment for Gum Disease

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