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Beyond Gut Health: A Look at Your Oral Microbiome

A Look at Your Oral Microbiome - Dunedin, FL
By simply swishing a solution for just 30 seconds, Dr. Lepore can evaluate the levels of different bacteria in your mouth linked with chronic conditions, like heart attack, dementia, diabetes, and even certain cancers. He can then provide you with solutions to reduce that risk. Similar to routine bloodwork you get from your doctor, this is a way to evaluate your oral health which ultimately impacts your overall health as well.

What is salivary diagnostics?

Hello, Dr. Ryan Lepore here, to talk about something relatively new in dentistry that I am so excited about. That topic is salivary diagnostics, and Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry is so proud to offer it.

Think of salivary diagnostics or salivary testing like getting routine blood work with your primary care physician.

Where your bloodwork might tell you your cholesterol levels or your blood cell counts. Salivary diagnostics instead takes a sample of your saliva to tell us vital information about your oral health, but more importantly about your overall health.

How does oral health relate to the overall health of a person?

We know with certainty nowadays that the bacteria in the mouth that causes your gums to bleed and eventually, gum disease have a direct downstream causal relationship to heart attack and stroke.

As recently as January 2019, we discovered a bacterial strain that we thought was only linked to gum disease now has an extraordinarily strong link to Alzheimer’s disease.

Before, we did not have a way to measure how prevalent and in what ratios these harmful bacteria were present in a patient’s mouth but now with salivary diagnostics we do.

How is the salivary diagnostics test performed?

By taking a simple saline solution and swishing for only 30 seconds, we can look for the 11 bacteria most-linked with systemic illness and disease, conditions like heart attack, stroke, dementia, diabetes early-term birth, and certain cancers.

There are patients out there who feel defeated because it seems like every time they come to the dentist they discover a cavity. Another test we perform can see if you truly are at higher risk by the bacteria in your mouth.

What is the benefit of salivary diagnostics?

Salivary tests can show whether you have certain genes that put you at higher risk for developing gum disease and many of the other chronic inflammatory illnesses we discussed earlier, not just dental conditions.

We use this information to accomplish certain things. First, it allows us to have a highly personalized treatment approach with a better risk assessment for more predictable outcomes.

This allows us the opportunity to establish a systematic way to track a patient’s oral health progress.

Finally, these tests are not just for people with preexisting conditions or for people who already know they have gum issues or a history of cardiovascular disease.

Preventative medicine is catching on in a big way. With this tool, we have the opportunity to discover potential issues down the road and help prevent them from ever happening.

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As a person with extreme anxiety (especially at the dentist) I have to say, this is one of the few places I have ever felt comfortable. Well, as comfortable as I can, that is. The staff has always gone out of their way to make sure I was doing okay and never made me feel like I was being ridiculous (even though I usually am). I am greatly appreciative of their patience, humor, and honesty.

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