Silver Diamine Fluoride – Dunedin, FL

What is silver diamine fluoride (SDF)?

What is silver diamine fluoride - Dunedin, FL

Silver diamine fluoride or SDF, is a topically applied antibiotic liquid used to prevent or stop tooth decay from advancing. Here at Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry, we believe in prevention. Once decay has been diagnosed, it may be recommended by Dr. Lepore or your dental hygienist to have silver diamine fluoride applied to the areas where tooth decay has started.

How does silver diamine fluoride (SDF) benefit me?

Silver diamine fluoride works by killing the bacteria that break down or weaken tooth structure. While other topical applications of fluoride works to prevent tooth decay from forming, silver diamine fluoride works by stopping the decay from progressing.

Another added benefit of SDF, is it can help relieve sensitivity.

The treatment itself is painless, quick, low-cost and does not require you to receive any dental anesthesia and can even be completed during your routine dental cleanings.

What can happen if you don’t treat your tooth decay?

Without any treatment of teeth with decay, continued deterioration of tooth structures and cosmetic appearance will increase. Tooth decay does not “hurt”, however tooth decay spreads into the tooth once the structure is compromised.

Depending on the location and extent of your tooth decay, other treatment may include placement of fluoride varnish, a filling or a crown, or referral for advanced treatments with a specialist.

Are there any side effects of silver diamine fluoride (SDF)?

It is important to note that only tooth structure with decay can stain black, and that healthy tooth structure will not. Therefore, only the affected areas are at risk. We would be happy to address this concern with you should you have any questions. Those with a true silver allergy are not candidates for this treatment.

side effects of silver diamine fluoride - Dunedin, FL

Prevention is key to your oral health!

Call us today to learn more about silver diamine fluoride, and see if this treatment option will work for you.

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