Gum Recession Treatment Options in Dunedin, FL

Do you have extra sensitive teeth? Have you noticed that your teeth look longer than they used to? These are both signs of gum recession. Left untreated, this condition can lead to decay and tooth loss. There’s no way to reverse the process, but gum recession treatment options in Dunedin, Florida, can slow the recession rate.

Learn what causes this dental problem and how to protect your oral health with the help of Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry.


What Is Causing Your Gum Recession  in Dunedin FL Area

Our dental professionals will first determine the most probable causes of this condition. This approach helps ensure we take the most effective route in treating your gums and teeth. The most common causes of receding gums include the following.

  • Periodontal Disease

If you have gum infections, bacteria along the gum line have destroyed the gum tissue and attacked the bone holding your teeth in position. This condition is the leading cause of receding gums, as bone loss leads to tissue loss.

  • Genetics

You may have a family history of periodontal disease and gum recession. Even if you take good care of your teeth, this can affect your gum health.

  • Brushing Too Hard

Aggressive brushing is another cause of gum recession. Ask your dentist for tips on gentle brushing to avoid further damage. Ideally, you should gently brush your teeth for at least two minutes twice a day.

  • Poor Dental Hygiene

Do you brush and floss your teeth every day? Rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash can help keep your mouth clean and prevent tartar and plaque buildup.

Other causes of gum recession include hormones during pregnancy, smoking or using tobacco, misaligned teeth, and grinding teeth. The good news is that there are several treatment options to slow or halt the gum recession. Your dentist will discuss which course of action would yield the best results for you.

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Soft Tissue Gum Graft at Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry in Dunedin FL Area

The efficacy of gum recession treatment depends on the causes and severity of your recession. Early treatment can slow the rate of recession and prevent more severe damage to your gums and roots.

Here are the most common gum recession treatment options:

  • Scaling and Root Planing: This deep cleaning removes plaque and tartar from teeth and below the gum line. This treatment helps prevent further deterioration from bacteria that irritates the gums, resulting in inflammation and recession. It is indicated if active gum disease (periodontal disease) is present
  • Gum Grafting: This is reserved when a patient is looking for a more definitive long-term successful outcome. Grafting allows a tighter seal of tissue around the roots of your teeth, preventing inflammation and limiting further progression of bone loss/gum loss. Your dentist will discuss the best one for your particular situation. Drs. Lepore and Dougherty work intimately with a specialist called a periodontist to ensure the best possible result

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