Convenience, Quality, and Affordability, The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

If you want to improve the beauty of your smile, you may need to work with a dentist who offers professional teeth whitening in Dunedin, Florida. We are Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry, and we understand that you have a variety of options if you are looking for teeth whitening services. Even though over-the-counter products might be available, there are several reasons why working with a dental professional will provide better, longer-lasting results.

What are some of the top benefits of working with a professional teeth whitening dentist in Dunedin, Florida?

Increased Safety

One of the first benefits of working with a professional who offers teeth whitening is improved safety. Safety always has to come first when you are looking for teeth whitening treatments. If you decide to purchase something over the counter, you never really know what you are getting. You could also risk exposing yourself to serious complications or side effects such as those below:

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is one of the top side effects of over the counter whitening products i This is usually caused by using the product incorrectly. Tooth sensitivity can occur if you leave the whitening product on too long, apply it incorrectly or have sensitive teeth to begin with.

Gum Sensitivity

Gum irritation is also extremely common with over-the-counter products. This is usually due to improper placement of the product (strips/gel). This is due to over-the-counter products not being customly designed to your unique tooth shape and orientation. If you get the product on the gums for longer than desired, It may even feel like your gums are burning. It’s also possible that your gums even turn temporarily white after becoming exposed to the whitening solution. If you continue to expose your gums to your whitening product, this can cause bleeding or severe pain.

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If you work with a dentist specializing in teeth whitening, you can reduce your chances of dealing with those complications and side effects. A dentist will look directly at your mouth, have access to safe products, and use all of their experience to provide the results you deserve while minimizing potential issues.

More Effective Whitening 

A professional dentist will also provide you with stronger, more effective teeth whitening. One of the biggest complaints we get from people who use over-the-counter products is not achieving their result goal. Depending on the makeup of your teeth, you may require a different strategy in order to achieve the level of white you are after. There are several ways dentists are more effective in whitening. These include:

  • Having access to stronger, more effective products than you can use over the counter, which means your teeth can be made even whiter in little to no time at all.
  • The teeth whitening will last longer with a professional product as long as you take care of your teeth after the session and following the post-procedural instructions.
  • The teeth whitening will also be more even, meaning that you don’t have to worry about some teeth becoming whiter than others

If you want the best teeth whitening products available, you need to work with a professional who can help you.

Consistent, Customized, and Proven Results 

The Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening in Dunedin FL Area

Finally, working with a dentist in Dunedin, Florida, who has expertise in teeth whitening will get you access to consistent, customized, and proven results. A professional dentist will only use a product that has been thoroughly tested and shown to be safe. Furthermore, your dentist can customize your teeth whitening treatment to meet your needs, helping you figure out exactly what shade and color you are going for. The initial salon-style in-office technique provides you the initial jump in whiteness followed by customized trays designed just for you to continue your at-home whitening journey to ultimately get you the final results you are after. Finally, because a professional dentist is more experienced, the results will be more consistent, providing you with better results.

Rely on Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry for Professional Teeth Whitening in Dunedin, Florida 

There are many reasons why you need to work with a professional dentist if you are looking for teeth whitening in the local area. We are Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry, and we are proud to be led by Dr. Ryan Lepore and Dr. Erin Dougherty

It would be our pleasure to take care of all your teeth whitening needs, so contact us to make an appointment at (727) 608-4690.

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