Our In-House Wellness Dental Savings Plan: Care for the “Whole You” Has Never Been Cheaper!

Comprehensive: Complete, diverse, eclectic, containing all of the elements or aspects of something. We at Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry in Dunedin, Florida, live up to our “comprehensive” name in at least two fundamental ways:

  • We offer wide-ranging dental services to support an attractive smile and a healthy mouth.
  • We view dentistry through a comprehensive lens – we account for the “complete you.” Our approach to care and recommended, available treatments and services acknowledge how oral health reflects and affects overall systemic health.

This unique, proactive, complete wellness-based approach is not cost-prohibitive. We believe that all individuals and families should have access to forward-thinking care that promotes their oral and overall health regardless of their financial situation. One of the ways that we accomplish this all-important mission is with our in-house Wellness Dental Savings Plan.

For one predictable annual fee, wellness savings plan members can benefit from:

  • Annual saliva testing to identify the oral bacteria that are most linked to an increased risk of systemic illnesses, ranging from Heart Attack and Stroke to Alzheimer’s disease, Diabetes, and Pregnancy Complications.
  • Unlimited exams by our dentists, Drs. Ryan Lepore and Erin Dougherty, to detect and intervene promptly with early-stage decay, periodontal disease, and other problems.
  • Unlimited X-rays, as needed, to “see” what cannot be pinpointed with the dentist’s eyes alone (upon visual inspection).
  • Generous four standard professional or maintenance cleanings to remove stubborn plaque build-up, which cannot be removed with standard toothbrushes. Other dentists only promote two cleanings each year. More frequent cleanings present additional opportunities to manage disease-causing substances and pinpoint and halt the progression of oral problems like gum disease. Numerous studies show that harmful bacteria accumulate within 3-4 months, NOT 6 months.
  •  Four fluoride treatments to protect the tooth enamel from erosion or add minerals to this protective tooth covering, which helps keep the teeth strong.
  • Annual oral cancer screening to monitor pre-cancers and early-stage oral and pharyngeal cancers. These cancers are highly treatable when detected and addressed early before the tumor has spread.
Wellness Dental Savings

Wellness Dental Savings

Plan Benefits

  • Single Member - Age 18 and up$729/year
  • Additional Members$689/year
Logo Wellness Dental Savings
COST (1st Member) $729
Annual Salivary Testing Included
Exams (Doctor) Unlimited
Standard or Maintenance Cleanings 4
Oral Cancer Screenings 1
Fluoride Treatments 4
Necessary X-Rays Unlimited
% Off Major Treatments 10%
Take Home Whitening Kit $200
% Off Oral Care Merchandise 10%
Annual Value Minimum $1,185
Annual Estimated Savings Minimum $450

Wellness Dental Savings Plan members also enjoy generous discounts on major treatments, such as the restorative care necessary to resolve existing oral problems. Additionally, we appreciate the critical role that the appearance of patients’ smiles plays in their self-worth and self-confidence. So, members have access to a more economical professional take-home whitening kit. This kit helps to keep their teeth looking youthful and vibrant, complementing how our patients feel inside!

Last but certainly not least, Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry wellness savings members are supported in their ability to effectively and properly care for their teeth at home – thanks to our discounted oral care products.

Patients aged 18 and older are eligible. We also extend savings on the annual fee for each additional member that joins the plan. Qualifying members include spouses and dependent children aged 6 and older. This plan, which covers 12 consecutive months of care, is:

  • A considerable value of at least $1,185 (each year)
  • NOT insurance
  • Free of waiting periods and exclusions
  • Does not require filing claims or navigating complex insurance processes
  • Flexible and can be canceled at any time*

Can You Explain Your Fees For Treatments & Care?

Can you explain your fees - Dr. Lepore
Dr. Lepore takes us through the details of his fees structure focusing on the main areas that are considered: the skill it takes to do it right, the time it takes to do it well and the materials that are used to make it last. He reminds us that being more affordable doesn't always mean the quality is good, and as a dentist who maintains his integrity as a professional he takes pride in his work and his ability to provide the best possible care.

Hey everybody, its Dr. Lepore back with another frequently asked question. We get asked in our practice a lot about our fees and so it thought I will take this little opportunity to tell you how we base our fees – and we really base it on three things. The skill it takes to do it right, the time it takes to do it well and the materials that we use to make it last. So let’s start with that first one – the skill it takes to do it right. When I came out of dental school I prided myself by wanting to be the best that I possibly could at what I did and so I started to take a lot of advanced education after graduation. Now just so you know it is an uncomfortable topic for me to talk about – how much I take especially for my wife God Bless her but we are required to take 32 hours of CE every two years as dentists. In our office we take close to 200 or 250 in some years. so we do that so that we could provide the best care and the most modern and current care. Secondly if you are going to do something well it takes time to do it – so when I started my career I worked for one of the corporate chain practices and I would see anywhere between 25 and 30 patients a day and that doesn’t even include the time I would go and do exams for patients in hygiene. In our practice now I may see 8 – 10 people at most and let me tell you why – in order for me to do the best work, I have to be attentive, present and I have to be able to not be interrupted when I am doing the best care that I possibly can and I found that if I spaced myself accordingly I was able to provide just that. Some models are much more volume driven – you will see 8 to 10 people sitting in the waiting room. We see 8 to 10 patients maybe all day. Lastly I want to talk about the materials we use to make things last, there are so many different types of crowns and filling materials and different cements that we can possibly use an I can tell you that the good isn’t cheap and cheap isn’t good – so we take that mantra not just to our practice but to the materials that we use. So rather than send your work to an overseas laboratory where we might pay a third of what we might pay here – we use a very high quality lab right here in the US and the same goes for the other materials we use – we use the top materials that are backed by research that are going to give longevity. We certainly won’t be the cheapest dentistry that you’ll find and we actually take pride in that for the same reason that you probably take a lot of pride in your work, we certainly take a lot of pride in ours.

*Please note: The membership fee for this plan is non-refundable. These member benefits cannot be combined with insurance, discount plans, or other offers.

It has never been easier and cheaper to be “well”! The path to better whole-body health and well-being is through your mouth and the expertise of Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry. Call us at (727) 608-4690 with questions about our Wellness Dental Savings Plan, and enroll today!


All my visits have been great so far. Quality service and very personable staff. Always has time for you and your concerns.

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