Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth typically develop between the ages of 17-21, and are the most commonly missing teeth in adult dentition. Most adults have a total of 32 teeth. Third molars are not necessary for function, speech, or smiling. When it comes to wisdom teeth removal at Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry, Dunedin, Florida, preventing future problems down the line is the key to overall oral health.

Why do you need your wisdom teeth removed?

Although you may not currently have issues with your wisdom teeth (3rd molars), there are numerous conditions that could be underlying such as: 

  • Cyst development 
  • Inflamed gum tissue
  • Increased pocketing
  • Cavity development on the teeth in front of the wisdom teeth
  • Sinus issues such as congestion, sinus pressure, and sinus pain 
  • Additional pressure on adjacent teeth, which can cause bite issues 
  • Not enough space to properly brush and floss
  • Bone loss development in those areas, and potentially the teeth in front of the wisdom teeth
Impacted wisdom tooth

Wisdom teeth can erupt into the mouth fully, partially, or at an angle (impacted). If a wisdom tooth does not erupt into the mouth fully, a cyst can develop around the tooth, which can damage other teeth roots or bone in the area. 

Do we remove wisdom teeth?

During your comprehensive evaluation, dental x-rays such as a panoramic x-ray will be completed and evaluated. This X-ray allows Drs. Lepore and Dougherty to see an overview of your mouth, including your jaw joints, location of wisdom teeth, and can detect any cysts surrounding your wisdom teeth. Drs. Lepore and Dougherty work with board certified oral surgeons in the area that will complete your wisdom tooth removal treatment. They are part of the comprehensive care team of Drs. Lepore and Dougherty.

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