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Dental care for your whole health with dentist Dr. Ryan Lepore in Dunedin, FL

At Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry, we are here to do more than just clean your teeth and fill cavities. We aim to help you achieve and maintain a healthy smile that gives you confidence, while keeping in mind the important role that dental care and oral health play in your overall health and well-being. At the office of dentist Dr. Ryan Lepore, patients in the Dunedin, FL area will find a comprehensive array of services, modern technologies, and gentle, compassionate care.

Preventive care for your health and wellness

The foundation of our dental practice starts with preventive care. Research continues to emphasize the critical role that oral health has on the health and wellness of the entire human body. With regular preventive oral care, you can often avoid extra time spent in the dental chair and costly dental procedures, as well as help reduce the chance that you will fall prey to illnesses such as heart attacks, diabetes, and strokes that have been linked to oral health issues. Our office uses the latest dental technologies to keep your teeth clean and identify any potential problem areas at an early stage when they are the easiest to treat.

Restorative care that suits your needs and preferences

Whether it is due to traumatic injury, disease, or other issues, almost everyone needs restorative dental care at some point in their life. Because no two patients are alike, Dr. Lepore provides a variety of dental services and options to treat conditions such as tooth decay, gum disease, missing teeth, and more. Common treatments include:

  • Periodontal care for healthy gums
  • Crowns to protect damaged teeth and prevent future problems
  • Dental implants to replace missing teeth
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Dental appliances for sleep issues, such as sleep apnea or tooth grinding/clenching (bruxism)...and more

Dr. Lepore takes the time to walk through your symptoms, medical and dental history, and treatment preferences to help you arrive at a decision about the best path forward.

Cosmetic dentistry for a beautiful smile

The appearance of your smile can be just as important as how healthy it is. When you are confident in your smile, it translates to all areas of your life and people take notice. That's why our office offers cosmetic dentistry treatments ranging from teeth whitening to full mouth rehabilitation and makeovers.

"My goal is for our patients to understand and value the care that we recommend. Whether this means scheduling a separate sit-down consultation or bringing a family member, our desire is to educate so that you can make an informed decision."

--- Dr. Ryan Lepore, DMD ---

We are your "home" in Dunedin for advanced dentistry and functional dental medicine. Within our inviting, highly personalized concierge environment, our team supports your whole "wellness" - not just the beauty and health of your smile!