Broken Tooth

Why did my tooth break?

A broken tooth (otherwise known as cracked tooth syndrome) can occur due to dental trauma, large cavities, large pre-existing fillings, or lost or broken restorations (crowns). If a broken tooth occurs, it’s important to see Dr. Lepore immediately to evaluate the severity of the broken tooth, and to prevent further damage or tooth pain. (link to tooth pain page) 

A broken tooth can be as minor as a chip in the enamel layer, or as severe as fracturing the tooth to the gum line or into the core of the tooth, where the nerve is located. It is not uncommon for a broken tooth to not cause any pain, however, left untreated, more expensive dentistry could be required as things continue to fail and deteriorate.

Broken tooth

Cracked Tooth Video:

Broken Tooth Symptoms

  • Temperature sensitivity
  • Biting sensitivity 
  • Have no symptoms at all
  • Tooth may feel sharp to your tongue if a filling fractures off

Overtime, trauma from chewing or large fillings can weaken or leak over time, and cause the tooth to fracture. A cracked tooth may not experience temperature sensitivity, or experience any pressure sensitivity, but not treating a broken tooth can have serious consequences such as an infection or loss of the tooth. 

Broken Tooth Treatment

If the chip is minor, Dr. Lepore can repair the chipped tooth with a filling or dental bonding.

Chipped Tooth Video

However, if the crack or break extends to more than half the tooth, the tooth will need a dental crown to protect and maintain the tooth.

Crown with Core Buildup Video:

If the crack or break extends into the core of your tooth,where your nerve and blood vessels are located, it will require a root canal in addition to a core buildup and crown, in order to properly restore the tooth.

Root Canal with Post-Core Buildup (Impression)

What happens if I don’t repair my broken tooth?

Left untreated, a broken tooth can become infected and develop worsening tooth decay, leading to tooth pain and potentially, eventual loss of the tooth. 

Detect potential dental issues now 

In order to prevent potential issues down the line, it’s important to maintain your oral health by coming in regularly for dental check-ups. Our team members will take pictures of your teeth during your visits to show you areas where cracks are developing. Give us a call today to schedule your next check-up with Dr. Lepore. 


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