Lost Filling or Crown

Regular preventive care with Dr. Lepore is recommended to detect potential issues with existing fillings or crowns. If a dental filling comes out, or if a dental crown comes off it is because there was a reason for the restoration failure. When leakage occurs, saliva and bacteria can get under the restoration and cause tooth decay. This decay begins to undermine your previously placed filling or crown, eventually causing it to “cave-in”, fall out, or break. Many times, when a patient feels they “lost a filling”, they fractured some of their tooth structure in addition to their old filling.

Filling vs Crown video

Causes of restoration to fall out

  • Excessive grinding or clenching 
  • Bacteria leaking into margins of filling/crown (in between the filling and the natural tooth)
  • Propagating cracks or stress lines near old fillings
  • Age of restoration 
  • Ill fitting crown (gaps between crown and tooth – not sealed)
  • Lack of appropriate amount of cement under the crown
  • Limited tooth structure remaining under a crown

A lost filling needs to be replaced in order to keep the teeth free of decay and infection. If a crown comes off, Dr. Lepore will be able to determine if the crown can be recemented. Often times, recurrent tooth decay is present and a new crown will need to be fabricated to restore the tooth. 

How can I extend the life of my restorations?

  • Fluoride Trays
  • PerioProtect
  • Fluoride Varnish with your Dental Cleanings
  • Frequent Examinations and Dental Cleanings
  • Proper Brushing and Flossing

Seek treatment now 

What to do when your filling falls out or your tooth breaks? Don’t panic, but do contact Dr. Lepore immediately. Together you and Dr. Lepore will make a decision on the best treatment option for your care after a thorough examination of your teeth where we will take a digital x-ray and photos. You don’t want to wait to seek treatment, as doing so could result in discomfort, more extensive treatment or tooth loss.


Always a pleasant experience coming here. Got my first fillings done today, it was a quick and painless experience. Thank you!

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