Periodontal Maintenance Cleanings

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If you have been diagnosed and treated for periodontal disease, Dr. Lepore will recommend what is called periodontal maintenance therapy to keep the disease under control (maintained). There are some important differences between this and a routine dental cleaning that are important to understand.

A routine dental cleaning (prophy) is designed for prevention, it is not therapeutic. It is also referred to in our practice as a “healthy mouth cleaning.” It’s purpose is to help keep gum disease and tooth decay from developing. A healthy mouth cleaning typically takes place every 6 months, however more frequent cleanings are beneficial. 

However, periodontal maintenance therapy is meant for treating patients who’ve already been diagnosed with periodontal (gum) disease to control it and prevent it from worsening. This type of cleaning is typically recommended every 3-4 months for those who have undergone scaling and root planing, also referred to as a deep cleaning. 

What is a periodontal maintenance cleaning?

A periodontal maintenance cleaning involves your dental hygienist performing a thorough cleaning above and below the gumline, in which harmful plaque and bacterial buildup that has occurred since your last visit, is removed. It takes about 12 days for soft sticky plaque to turn into the calculus that builds up above and below your gum tissue.  

The benefits of a periodontal maintenance cleaning include: fresher breath, plaque and calculus removal, and a healthier looking and feeling smile!

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Is there a cure for gum disease?

The most important part of any periodontal therapy, such as a deep cleaning, is the continued maintenance visits to prevent the disease from returning to an “active state”. It is often misunderstood that periodontal disease can be “cured”. In fact, it is often compared to diabetes. Both can be improved and maintained but never cured. Missing regularly scheduled periodontal maintenance appointments can have you at risk for further bone loss, gum loss, and inflammation, not only in the mouth, but the rest of your body. Dr. Lepore and your dental hygienist will work with you to create a maintenance schedule that best suits your unique needs.

Our Dental Savings Plans

Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry believes that everyone should have access to high-quality dental care and that financial constraints or insurance status shouldn’t stand in the way for anyone to receive such care. That’s why we have introduced Dental Savings Plans as we don’t want you to compromise on your dental health. We have two plans – Standard and Wellness - offered at an annual membership fee of $429 and $729 respectively.

Membership will entitle you to a host of benefits including free and discounted treatments with a focus on your overall health.


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