What Makes Us Different

In our modern era of medical and dental care, many practices rush patients in and out quickly. They don’t take the time to understand each individual’s symptoms, medical history, and the underlying factors that cause illness or disease.

We are more than a full-service dental practice. Our dentists, Dr. Ryan Lepore and Dr. Erin Dougherty are functional dental medicine specialists. We operate as a valued partner with our patients, providing concierge-level and boutique-style care to individuals and families from throughout the Dunedin, Florida, area. Our approach to building robust patient-physician relationships transcends x-rays and quick diagnoses. We get to the heart of each person’s needs and the sources of their ailments or concerns. Ultimately, your wellness is our focus.

We “live” the idea of functional, concierge, boutique, and personalized medicine with:

  • You are more than your teeth, gums, and a nice smile. Dr. Lepore and Dr. Dougherty get to know you as a person. They find out what is important to you. Understands your lifestyle. They know what has really brought you to our office for care.
  • Symptoms are just one piece of the puzzle. As the “gateway” to the health of the rest of your body, compromised oral health can lead to many adverse systemic problems throughout the body. In addition to understanding symptoms such as toothaches, Dr. Lepore and Dr. Dougherty explore your medical and oral health history. As needed, they order tests to pinpoint the root cause of your issue – the true definition of functional medicine. They work with physicians or other types of specialists to correct imbalances or illnesses that contribute to dental problems. We value a multidisciplinary approach!
  • There is no one quite like you. So, your recommended treatment plan is also one of a kind. We leverage traditional and modern diagnostics to formulate the best, highly personalized treatment to resolve your symptoms and restore your wellness effectively. These techniques or technologies may range from safe, precision dental imaging to saliva testing.
  • Your comfort with our treatment recommendations is as important as accurately diagnosing the condition responsible for your symptoms or illnesses. Dr. Lepore and Dr. Dougherty account for your unique goals and preferences to help you confidently arrive at the best treatment decisions. You deserve to be treated as the distinctive individual you are, regardless of whether we are restoring a single damaged tooth or embarking on a full-mouth reconstruction or smile makeover.

Dread the thought of being shuttled in and out of yet another cold and impersonal office, frustrated by the difficulty in getting direct and effective answers for lingering oral health problems? Call Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry at (727) 608-4690 to experience the complete health dentistry difference. In partnership with you, we look forward to designing a customized, in-depth plan that works to resolve persistent health challenges!

Review by Skyler Campbell

Everyone there is extremely nice and treat you very well. They are very professional. Always feel welcome. All the times I’ve been there to see him, he takes great care of you and is thorough.

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We are your "home" in Dunedin for advanced dentistry and functional dental medicine. Within our inviting, highly personalized concierge environment, our team supports your whole "wellness" - not just the beauty and health of your smile!