Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation (also known as full mouth reconstruction or restoration) is a highly personalized process at Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry in Dunedin, Florida. While the dental treatments that are included in a full mouth rehabilitation plan are different for each patient, the goal is the same: to rebuild your teeth, gums, and bite for a healthy smile that is not only functional and pain-free but also attractive and one that you are proud to show off to others.

Real Patients – Real Results

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Full Mouth Rehabilitation - Before & After results 1
Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Who requires a full mouth rehabilitation?

Over the years, you may have experienced several problems with your mouth. These may include:

  • Multiple missing teeth
  • Several cracked teeth
  • Broken teeth
  • Several crowns, failing or not
  • Severely worn teeth
  • Irregular bite

Below are some of the conditions that could lead to a need for rehabilitation:

Tooth Wear

Tooth wear is a dental condition where the surface and structure of teeth are progressively reduced as a result of internal and/or external forces placed upon them.

When hard tooth material is worn away as a result of teeth grinding and/or clenching, it is called attrition. The extent of wear damage depends on the amount of grinding and is typically more severe in individuals who exhibit this behavior in their sleep.

The reduction of hard tooth material due to chemical forces is called erosion. It can be caused by drinking acidic beverages like soda or by medical conditions like acid reflux or bulimia. Over time, this acid dissolves the outer enamel of the teeth and can expose the softer underlying dentin layer. Wear caused by an outside object is called abrasion. Abrasion can be caused by improper tooth brushing technique, excessive use of toothpicks, and the use of the teeth as a tool. It can result in grooves and notches in the enamel that can also expose the dentin.

Excessive tooth wear causes many oral health complications, including unattractive and irregular tooth levels, jagged and sharp tooth edges, tooth pain, and eventual loss of the teeth altogether.

As the harder outer surface of the tooth is worn away, the softer dentin will be exposed, speeding up the process.

There are preventative and corrective treatment options for patients experiencing tooth wear issues. Treatment will vary based on the cause of wear and when it is detected, making it critical to work closely with your doctor to proactively treat the issue before more damage is sustained.

Dental Erosion

Dental erosion is a condition where tooth structure is lost due to corrosion, chemical reactions dissolving the hard protective coating of the teeth, known as enamel. Common signs and symptoms of dental erosion include tooth sensitivity, tooth discoloration, tooth breakdown, thinning and transparency of the edges of the front teeth, and pitting and cupping on the chewing surfaces of back teeth.

The most common cause of dental erosion is the overabundance of acid inside of the mouth. It can be introduced externally by drinking acidic beverages such as soda and fruit juice and can be introduced internally by medical conditions that introduce stomach acids into the mouth, such as acid reflux or bulimia. Over time, this acid dissolves enamel and exposes the softer inner layer called dentin, making the teeth weaker, more sensitive, and potentially prone to decay.

In addition, once the softer dentin is exposed, the pace of the wear can accelerate dramatically. This weakened structure can also increase the likelihood of severe cracks or fractures in your teeth.

Excessive tooth erosion causes many oral health complications, including discoloration, unattractive and irregular tooth levels, uncoordinated chewing movements, jagged and sharp tooth edges, tooth pain, and eventual loss of the teeth altogether.

There are preventative and corrective treatment options for patients showing signs of erosion. Treatment will vary based on the underlying cause, the severity of the erosion, and the extent of tooth damage, making it critical to work closely with your doctor to proactively treat the issue before more damage occurs.

Compensatory Eruption

Compensatory eruption is a condition defined by the shortening and vertical movement of teeth caused by grinding and tooth wear.

As a patient grinds their teeth, over time tooth structure is worn away. As the teeth shorten, they naturally shift vertically towards the opposing teeth to occupy the space that is created between the upper and lower teeth to maintain a functional bite.

When this vertical movement occurs, the gums and bone surrounding the teeth also shift, resulting in what is commonly referred to as a gummy smile.

If treatment is not sought, the teeth will continue to become shorter due to wear, requiring more extensive and costly treatment to remedy.

There are multiple options available to reposition and restore teeth affected by compensatory eruption. Your doctor will work with you to assess your unique situation and develop a solution that best restores the position, appearance, and function of your teeth.


The rehabilitation process starts with what is perhaps the most important step: a comprehensive, personalized consultation. During this time, Dr. Lepore or Dr. Dougherty will examine your mouth to get a complete understanding of your current oral health. They will also discuss your treatment goals and preferences at length with you to better understand how to approach your full mouth rehabilitation. Based on this consultation, Drs. Lepore and Dougherty will then create your custom treatment plan that may consist of one or more of the following phases:

  • Treatment Planning Phase: Extensive dialogue with his dental laboratory, creating a mock-up prototype to develop an ideal final result. Your unique customized plan can usually be staged over multiple months or years to accommodate your budget while continuously working toward a fantastic final result
  • Disease Control Phase: Conducting therapeutic procedures such as extractions, root canal therapy, bone grafting, deep cleanings, or decay removal
  • Temporary/Prototype Phase: To ensure the developed plan will work with you, a patient is often placed in prototype provisionals (temporaries) that mimic the shape, color, and function of the new proposed smile and bite. This stage is critical as it allows for multiple changes, if necessary, to be made before the final result is delivered. This phase may coincide with the “Disease Control Phase”
  • Specialist Phase:
    • Orthodontic Phase: Treatments used to straighten your teeth or correct issues with your bite
    • Periodontal Phase: Recontouring your gums and performing treatments to address gum disease and create symmetrical harmony in your gum and bone health. This could include gum grafting, crown lengthening, or implant placement
    • Endodontic Phase: Should any teeth require root canal therapy or management due to extensive decay, abscesses, or tooth pain
    • TMJ Management Phase (Oral Surgeon): Treating conditions such as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ/TMD), muscular pain due to bruxism (clenching and grinding), or other underlying issues that may be affecting your oral health
  • Final Restoration Phase: Definitive treatments, including dental implants, crowns, tooth-colored fillings, or bridges

Bob walks us through his sheer luck of finding a dentist like Dr. Lepore

Patients Testimonial – Bob
Bob loves his new teeth and is happy with how people notice the impact it has on his appearance. He is glad to have such a capable and talented dentist like Dr. Lepore living in his neighborhood and is grateful for the contribution Dr. Lepore makes to the community there.

I went online when I moved to Dunedin to find a dentist who could serve my needs and I found Dr. Lepore with excellent reviews regarding restorative work and also he was in my neighborhood. I can walk here which is very convenient and I feel that we are in the same community together so I made my appointment with Dr. Lepore and we discussed all my work in detail when we eventually came to the fact that I was going to have restorative work on all of my teeth I would keep all of my teeth but they would all need caps and he went through with me on the different options that I had from basic work through the complete process and I opted for the full Monty I wanted to have work that would be good for me for the rest of my life. I thank Dr. Lepore for his talent and hard work and his team for giving me the top notch dental work right here in my community and all my friends and family appreciate it too. They say, Bob you look better!

Smile design at Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry explained by Dr. Ryan Lepore

Smile design at Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry explained by Dr. Ryan Lepore
Are you looking to revamp your smile? Get the color, shape, or get the design customized to match your face? Smile design at Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry near Dunedin, FL is the perfect solution. Watch this video to learn more as Dr. Ryan Lepore explains.

What is a smile design?

Hello everyone, my name is Dr. Ryan Lepore, and I routinely get asked how one can improve their smile. A smile design is a customized treatment plan to improve the appearance and function of your smile. We work to make your desired smile truly fit within your unique face, skin tones, smile patterns, and other considerations.

Are all smile designs cosmetic in nature?

It’s important to note that not all smile designs are cosmetic. Sometimes patients have worn, chipped, broken, or missing teeth. This is typically due to functional concerns. In other words, how the teeth come together and work with one another.

What are the procedures performed in smile design?

Smile design takes a custom approach, not just for each patient but also for each tooth in the design. For one tooth it may just involve the front surface of the tooth, which we call a veneer.

Sometimes it involves putting a porcelain cap which we call a crown, around the entire tooth if you already have a large filling, a big cavity, have chipped/broken it, or is severely out of alignment.

We also do a combination of a veneer-crown in certain circumstances. It’s all custom to you to achieve the final goal of looking natural.

How custom can smile design be at Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry?

My job as your designer is to make sure the attractive smile we’re designing also works with your current bite and alignment of your teeth. You have control of the color and shape. I always say, in smile design, if the patient doesn’t like it, then we’re not finished yet.

That’s why before we permanently cement your smile in, we let you view it, and eventually, you approve it before it is completed.

Personalized care for your unique smile

Each patient in our practice has a unique set of oral health needs and preferences, meaning no two treatment plans are alike. From determining which treatments are best for your needs to crafting restorations for the most aesthetically pleasing results, Drs. Lepore and Dougherty use a combination of modern techniques, experience, and artistry to help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile again. Full mouth rehabilitation does so much more than fix dental issues – it can make you truly feel like you have a new lease on life.

Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry serves patients in Dunedin, Palm Harbor, Clearwater Beach, Tarpon Springs, Largo, and surrounding communities. Call us today at (727) 608-4690.

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