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Dr. Ryan Lepore, Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry Dr. Ryan Lepore's Family Photo, Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry

“Average” has never been good enough for Dr. Lepore, especially when it comes to his family and his patients. This philosophy stems from a phrase Dr. Lepore’s dad instilled in him as a young boy: “Maximize your potential.” Three simple words are an unbroken thread that weaves through every part of his life.

Dr. Lepore maximized his potential when playing hockey while studying in dental school and now as an enthusiastic lifelong learner. Last but not least, he does not settle for average when it comes to being the best husband and father. Dr. Lepore applies these uncompromising principles to the care of his patients, too.

By developing close bonds within a concierge and boutique dental environment, Dr. Lepore truly gets to know you as a one-of-a-kind individual. He can then equip you with personalized guidance – empowering you to be the best parent, partner, and healthiest, happiest self! As a functional dental medicine specialist, Dr. Lepore also connects the dots between dental symptoms and their many root causes. You are more than your smile, and your oral health does not exist in isolation from the wellness of the rest of “you.”

The journey to complete health dentistry

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Dr. Lepore grew up locally in Pinellas County. He attended Tarpon Springs High School before attaining undergraduate and dental school degrees from the University of Florida. Despite a rigorous course of study, Dr. Lepore held down a job throughout dental school.

While acquiring continuing education, Dr. Lepore took a step back from the traditional model learned in dental school: Identify a problem. Fix that problem. Instead, Dr. Lepore decided to focus on the “whys” behind the problem. What is causing the chronic pain? The persistent ailment? He embarked on creating a practice that was preventive versus reactive – that protected the tooth from breakage or the effects of gum disease rather than that fixed the tooth after it was already broken or weakened. This approach has resulted in care that costs less and is more pleasant for the patient.

Additionally, Dr. Lepore is active in the broader medical community, not “just” within the dental association realm. He works with family physicians and other medical specialists to support sustained health and wellness.

A real-life example: “George” visited Dr. Lepore with a toothache. Standard to his approach, Dr. Lepore took George’s blood pressure. The numbers were so high that it warranted an emergency trip to the hospital! This simple step very well saved George’s life because he was so close to having a cardiac event.

So, Dr. Lepore stays true to the “comprehensive dentistry” part of his practice’s name. He screens for indicators of health problems that go beyond the oral cavity. Furthermore, he works with other medical providers on diagnoses and multi-faceted treatments for sleep apnea and sleep-disordered breathing conditions. As Dr. Lepore likes to say, “We are not just looking at your teeth. We are looking at the whole you.”

More than a dentist

Similarly, Dr. Lepore is a “people person.” He gets jazzed about meeting patients and their families. He enjoys getting to know them. Furthermore, he sets the tone for the rest of the practice. With Dr. Lepore’s leadership, our team will be there for you. We’ll put you at ease if you’re scared or apprehensive. Or, we’ll listen non-judgmentally about your concerns. We instill trust and safety at our office. You can leave us with confidence that your recommendations and treatments are in the best interests of your smile health and overall wellness.

When the lab coat comes off, you’ll find Dr. Lepore going out for dinner and drinks with his wife; goofing off with his two young children, Luca and Melina; attending church; watching hockey, and spending quality time with friends.

Formal Education

  • Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) - University of Florida College of Dentistry - Gainesville, Florida
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) - University of Florida - Gainesville, Florida


Continuing Education

Dr. Lepore acquired wide-ranging, specialized training in cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, laser dentistry, dental sleep medicine, advanced rehabilitative dentistry, and oral-systemic medicine.

Since 2013, Dr. Lepore has been privileged to have attended nearly 1,400 hours of progressive continuing education. He values education and training and is committed to going far beyond the minimum requirement of 16 hours of CE per year. This dedication to the latest trends, technologies, and treatment planning supports the optimal care of patients and a superior experience with modern dentistry.

Appreciating Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry’s Holistic Approach

Patients Testimonial - Francesca
Francesca is impressed by Dr. Lepore and his expertise in the field. She appreciates his consistency, and holistic approach and how he keeps himself up-to-date on current dental practices through continuous education. She admires his passion for people not only through his private practice but also through educating others. Francesca adores the staff and trusts Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry implicitly enough to bring her family here and recommend it to others.

I am highly impressed by Dr. Lepore and all the expertise he has in the field. I know that he is consistently at continuing education classes not only as a participant to learn but also as an educator who teaches other people. I absolutely love coming here, I love the staff, I love their knowledge, I bring my family here, I even have my mother here, and I have recommended him to so many people because I feel that he has a better grasp of what the whole person health is about, and being from that end of the spectrum as a massage therapist and aesthetician, we don’t wanna look at just one specific thing, we wanna look at the whole person and help you have the best life that you can and that’s what Dr. Lepore is looking to do for you.


Meet Dr. Dougherty

Dr. Dougherty, Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry

According to Dr. Dougherty, the best dental care is delivered in an atmosphere of comfort, dignity and safety. Dr. Dougherty believes that no one should ever feel scared or embarrassed at embarking on a process to improve their health. Making the choice to better your dental health is a positive decision that should be celebrated, not feared. Dr. Dougherty is an experienced and empathetic healthcare provider who values her patients’ trust and will empower you on your journey to achieving a healthier mouth and body.

The daughter of a career Air Force veteran, Dr. Dougherty was raised on deep-rooted principles of service, respect and integrity. Prior to receiving her Doctorate of Dental Medicine from Midwestern University in 2012, Dr. Dougherty was awarded the National Health Service Corps Scholarship, which led her to a 9-year career in public health in Pinellas County. During this time, she saw firsthand the truth of the oral-systemic connection and how seriously poor oral health could affect the body, and vice versa. Beginning her career in public health has shaped Dr. Dougherty’s vision that true, quality dental care starts with prevention and must be integrated with total body health.

Dr. Dougherty was born in England and has lived in many cities across the United States. She has lived in Pinellas County, Florida with her husband, Shelby, since 2012. The couple fell in love with the area’s rich culture, history, geography and food and is now proud to call the Sunshine State their forever home. Together they have a son, Noah, who was born in Saint Petersburg and is a Florida boy, through and through. When she is not at the dental office Dr. Dougherty enjoys exploring Florida’s natural beauty with her family, reading, DIY projects around the house and cooking.

Dr. Dougherty is experienced in treating patients of all ages. She looks forward to welcoming new patients to the Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry family and is eager to guide you on your path to dental wellness.

Formal Education

  • Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) – Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine – Glendale, Arizona
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) – University of Arizona – Tucson, Arizona


Meet the Dream Team at Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry!

Dr. Lepore & Dr. Dougherty
Dr. Ryan Lepore introduces his new dental lead Dr. Erin Dougherty who will be supplementing his role as the clinical practitioner at Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry, and cold not have been happier to have chosen someone with his exact principles and values to take care of his beloved patients.

Hey everyone Dr. Lepore here – I am so excited to share some news about our practice moving forward and you might be wondering who is right here sitting next to me and I want oth introduce Dr. Dougherty who will be joining our practice august 16th to take over my clinical role here at the practice but I want to be very clear – I did not sell the practice my role is simply changing. However I remain just as invested in the future of the practice as I ever have been. I wanted to take a minute and be a little vulnerable to explain what went into this decision and how it is going to impact you as a patient in the future. I grew up playing competitive sports mostly ice hockey, and some of those pre-existing injuries have finally started to affect my ability to practice. Especially with the posture of this profession that is putting us in on a daily basis. believe it or not I am in pain on most of the days that I am seeing patients and I have been told by medical professionals that I don’t make a change soon it could be a very long road and many of you know that I have a wife and 2 young children and quite simply I want oth be able to lay catch with my son and one day walk my daughter down the aisle and not experiment any pain. The thing is though I would never have the comfort or the courage to move forward with a decision like this if I didn’t have the right person take this practice to the next level and that is where Dr. Dougherty comes in. Professionally speaking it was love at first meeting and she shares the same passion and has the same drive and I think more importantly she has the moral compass to both ethically and compassionately take care of patients the right way. Like me she shares a affection for how the mouth connects to the rest of the body and is seen firsthand during her time at serving the public at community health setting just how important that link can be and I just couldn’t be more excited to work with her – I truth her so much she has even do a little dental work on me and I couldn’t be more sure that she is truly the perfect fit for this practice, this team and most importantly for you and my patients.

I couldn’t describe any better how perfectly aligned our visions are in dental health. There are some moments in life where you just know you are on the right path and that is exactly how I feel about joining Dr. Lepore’s team. To join a health care team that shares my passion for prevention for oral health as a part of the whole body is both a blessing and a dream for me. It is a rare thing to find a dental practice that is as true and dedicated as Dr. Lepore’s but I am honored to be a part of it. It is going to be a privilege for me to continue to provide the same quality dental care and trust worthy advise you have come to expect from dr. Lepore as he transitions out of his clinical role because conversation after conversation Dr. Lepore and I realize that our visions and philosophy’s not only complement each other but they are synergistic. Working together they make each other better. They know how important it is to Dr. Lepore to treat patient like family and I utilize education tools and the care they need to achieve optimal health. I feel the same way. I am devoted to providing our patient with great dental care and an atmosphere of comfort and dignity. Many patients presented to the dentist are embarrassed about their condition or are scared of what the dentist might find. My philosophy is hey we all have challenges and we all have to start somewhere to achieve our goals. I am here to celebrate the decision you have made to achieve better health and I will guide you on your journey one step at a time. I also want to let you know that I will be participating in the same membership dental benefit and insurance plans that Dr. Lepore did to make this transition as seamless as possible for you. I will also be keeping a few more services in house such as teeth extractions – minor oral surgeries dentures and partials as well as my favorite – seeing more children. I can’t wait to meet you and I am looking forward to joining you on your journey to better dental health.


Dr. Dougherty is a committed lifelong learner. She strives to stay current in dental technology and treatments and goes above the state’s minimum requirement of 16 hours per year, in order to provide the highest level of care to her patients. Some topics that Dr. Dougherty’s continuing education portfolio includes are: oral-systemic health, preventive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and treatment planning, sleep apnea and prosthetics.

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