Root Canal

Root canal therapy is the brunt of many jokes and groans. In truth, however, the procedure relieves the pain of an infected tooth. Plus, it is usually the only alternative to extraction, so “getting a root canal” lets you keep your natural tooth with roots intact in the jawbone. You might be surprised at how gentle and effective root canal treatment can be with integrated care coordinated by Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry in Dunedin, FL.

When endodontic therapy is needed

Your mouth has natural defense mechanisms intended to keep harmful bacteria away from vascular and nerve tissues at the core of a tooth. When that system is compromised, usually by deep or hidden decay or a fracture or chip in enamel, pathogens make their way to the pulp chamber. Bacteria trigger inflammation, painful pressure, and infection that can spread throughout the body if not properly treated.

Some dentists simply recommend removing the tooth. Dr. Lepore is committed to helping you keep your own teeth, ideally for a lifetime. Thus, when it is feasible to save the tooth and in the best interest of your health, he recommends root canal therapy.

Dunedin, FL patients get meticulous root canal therapy

The concept of concierge dentistry is important in the long-term viability of a root canal procedure. Dr. Lepore’s patients have an excellent success rate because the doctor considers your whole situation before recommending treatment with an endodontic specialist:

  • The immediate problem with your tooth
  • Your oral health
  • Overall medical status
  • Emotional state

If root canal therapy is the best course of action, Dr. Lepore provides referral to a trusted specialist, where job one is to get you out of discomfort. That could involve a prescription for pain medication and antibiotics. Or, treatment may be performed immediately.Your mouth is thoroughly numbed, which brings quick relief. The endodontist opens the tooth, releasing internal pressure. Areas of decay or damage are removed. Using special endodontic instruments, the doctor removes pulp from the chamber and from canals that extend deep into roots. The tooth is sanitized and sealed.  It is usually sealed with a temporary filling material that is left to stay for a minimum for 7-14 days. The use of a temporary filling assures that symptoms are relieved during the healing period. After this period, you will return to Dr. Lepore to place either a long-term filling or a crown. Dr. Lepore will educate you on which one is more suitable for your unique needs.

Discerning dental patients from Tarpon Springs to Palm Harbor, Clearwater Beach, and Largo, make the trip to Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry in Dunedin, FL for this level of whole-health care. Call (727) 608-4690 for your appointment.

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