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Elvira talks about her experience with Dr. Lepore and his team and cannot be happier

Patients Testimonial – Elvira
Elvira has a new smile and cannot be happier! She is not insecure about her teeth anymore, and she could not be more grateful for all the hard work that Dr. Lepore and his team have done for her.

Watch Kim take us through a list of reasons as to what makes Dr. Lepore and his team special

Patients Testimonial – Kim
Dentistry is more than teeth and Dr. Lepore understand this. Kim feels safe in the hands of Dr. Lepore and his team and admires their family oriented spirit.

Bob walks us through his sheer luck of finding a dentist like Dr. Lepore

Patients Testimonial – Bob
When a patient needs restorative work on all their teeth – it could be quite a strenuous and dangerous procedure. Bob felt right at home with Dr. Lepore. Watch the video to find out more

Ardent Fans of Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry

Patients Testimonial – Joan
The atmosphere created by the dentistry go a long way in terms of the relationship that is built between the patient, their experience with treatment and the dentist. It is very clear that Dr. Lepore’s confidence in his skill and his personable manner is a great comfort to his patients who feel safe and relaxed under his care.

Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry – It’s Not Just About Dental Treatments!

Patients Testimonial – Margaret
We all want what is best when it comes to taking care of our health - and having a dentist who takes the time and the effort not only to deal with just dental issues but also to be more human and get to know his patients is a valuable asset in terms of the relationship between a doctor and his patients.

Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry Puts an End to Your Dental Fears

Patients Testimonial – Brittany
Being cautious and avoiding the dentist before even visiting one is a common trait owing to hundreds of bad experiences people have had over time and perhaps even because of baseless rumors. Dentistry has come a long way from where it was with its modern mechanisms and state-of-the-art tech that allow for pain-free treatment. In addition to the equipment it takes a skilled and empathetic dentist to truly put themselves in your position to make sure your experience is a trauma-free one. At Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry - Dr. Ryan Lepore goes out of his way to do his absolute best for anyone who comes to him for dental care treatment.

Ethan talks about why he refuses to go to anyone else but Dr. Lepore

Patients Testimonial – Ethan
Ethan and his wife truly appreciate Dr. Lepore for his care and the attention to detail that goes into his work.

Listen to Russell who explains to us why he has faith in Dr. Lepore as his dentist

Patients Testimonial – Russell
Russell talks about his experience with Dr. Lepore and how much he appreciates his candor and enthusiasm as his dentist. He truly has faith in Dr. Lepore when it comes to taking care of his oral health.

Jessica and Micheal's experience with Dr. Lepore

Patients Testimonial – Jessica & Michael
Jessica and Micheal could not be happier with their experience with Dr. Lepore. They truly appreciate the pleasant environment and effective management of scheduling given their young family.

Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry’s Gentle and Welcoming Atmosphere

Patients Testimonial - Carolyn
Carolyn Medves is a patient at Lepore dentistry who simply loves Dr. Lepore's treatments and care. She talks about how much of an impact his attitude and demeanor has on her dental experience.

Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry Understands Your Dental Pains

Patients Testimonial - Steve
Steve is a patient at Lepore Dentistry and talks about how he appreciates the team’s preparation and pleasant attitude whilst they provide personalized treatment including taking care of his hypersensitivity to pain.

Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry’s Modern Yet Compassionate Dental Care

Patients Testimonial - Joe
Joe describes his experience at Lepore dentistry and how he truly appreciates that patients are treated like family at Lepore Dentistry

Appreciating Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry’s Holistic Approach

Patients Testimonial - Francesca
Watch our latest patient testimonial to find out what real patients in Dunedin FL think of Dr. Lepore

Why I Love Working at Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry?

Staff Testimonial - Kim
Kimberly the office manager talks about how Dr. Lepore's passion for dentistry and how much she enjoys being a part of Lepore Dentistry

Passionate Hygienists at Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry

Staff Testimonial - Jessica
See how team members of Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry in Dunedin FL work as one family to enrich themselves and the patient experience.

Dr. Robert Haller discusses his professional relationship with Dr. Lepore and why he particularly finds his working relationship enjoyable with Dr. Lepore’s patients

Healthcare Professional Testimonial - Dr. Robert Haller
As a fellow professional, Dr. Bob Haller enjoys what he does and is thankful for having people like Dr. Lepore to work with as it makes his experience of helping people more rewarding.

Dr. Jeremy Albert explains what makes Dr. Lepore a one of a kind dentist

Healthcare Professional Testimonial - Dr. Jeremy Albert
Attention to detail is something of a standard with Dr. Lepore and is appreciated by everyone including specialist who work with Dr. Lepore’s patients for further treatment.

Dr. Maggie Davis provides us with some insight into her professional relationship with Dr. Lepore

Healthcare Professional Testimonial - Dr. Maggie Davis
Dr. Maggie Davis truly appreciates working with Dr. Lepore and has great admiration for his personalized care approach with his patients.

Dr. Shaun Young talks about his professional relationship with Dr. Lepore

Healthcare Professional Testimonial - Dr. Shaun Young
Dr. Shaun Young talks about his experience working with Dr. Lepore and how he always prioritizes comprehensive dentistry and how organized he is in terms of referring his patients and making sure that his patient's illness' are communicated accurately.

Why Dr. Benjamin respects and appreciates Dr. Lepore as a professional

Healthcare Professional Testimonial - Dr. Benjamin Mena
Dr. Benjamin Mena is a medical care practitioner in Tampa Bay and discusses how much respect he has for Dr. Lepore's passion and dedication towards giving his patients the best possible dental care he can offer.

Why Dr. Rick thinks Lepore Dentistry is the best!

Healthcare Professional Testimonial - Dr. Richard Rasmussen
Dr. Rick Rasmussen, a periodontal surgeon in Tampa bay talks about his experience with Dr. Lepore, from the time Dr. Lepore used to shadow his during surgeries to actually working with patients in Tampa bay, and commends Dr. Lepore on his passion to always strive for excellence.


Always a pleasant experience coming here. Got my first fillings done today, it was a quick and painless experience. Thank you!

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