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Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry’s Gentle and Welcoming Atmosphere

Patients Testimonial - Carolyn

Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry Understands Your Dental Pains

Patients Testimonial - Steve
Steve is a patient at Lepore Dentistry and talks about how he appreciates the team’s preparation and pleasant attitude whilst they provide personalized treatment including taking care of his hypersensitivity to pain.

Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry’s Modern Yet Compassionate Dental Care

Patients Testimonial - Joe
Joe describes his experience at Lepore dentistry and how he truly appreciates that patients are treated like family at Lepore Dentistry

Appreciating Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry’s Holistic Approach

Patients Testimonial - Francesca
Watch our latest patient testimonial to find out what real patients in Dunedin FL think of Dr. Lepore

Why I Love Working at Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry?

Staff Testimonial - Kim
Kimberly the office manager talks about how Dr. Lepore's passion for dentistry and how much she enjoys being a part of Lepore Dentistry

Passionate Hygienists at Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry

Staff Testimonial - Jessica
See how team members of Lepore Comprehensive Dentistry in Dunedin FL work as one family to enrich themselves and the patient experience.

Testimonial of Dr. Benjamin Mena

Healthcare Professional Testimonial - Dr. Benjamin Mena

Why Dr. Rick thinks Lepore Dentistry is the best!

Healthcare Professional Testimonial - Dr. Richard Rasmussen
Dr. Rick Rasmussen, a periodontal surgeon in Tampa bay talks about his experience with Dr. Lepore, from the time Dr. Lepore used to shadow his during surgeries to actually working with patients in Tampa bay, and commends Dr. Lepore on his passion to always strive for excellence.

Review by Dina C.

Today, I had a great experience at dr. Lepore’s. Starting from accommodating all of my needs, to explaining every little single step as they go, that made me really comfortable and relaxed. Thank you dr. Ryan Lepore and thanks to all of your staff.

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