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Gingivitis: The do’s and don’ts with Dr. Lepore

Gingivitis: The do’s and don’ts - Dr. Lepore
Ever spotted specks of blood when you brush or floss your teeth regularly and brushed it off as something subtle? Well, you should not! Dr. Lepore gets into the nitty-gritty of Gingivitis and its effect on your oral cavity and dental health. Watch the video to find out more.

Your Mouth’s Relationship with the Rest of your Body

Your Mouth’s Relationship with the Rest of your Body - Dr. Lepore
From heart attacks to diabetes, the bacteria in your mouth can do some serious harm to your life if left unchecked. Dr. Lepore discusses instances where the connection between oral health and general well-being have an undeniable link via scientific discovery and consequences of oral health practices.

Can You Explain Your Fees For Treatments & Care?

What’s it Going to Cost Me - Dr. Lepore
Listen to Dr. Lepore talk about his fee structure and what he bases it on to ensure that people receive value for their money.

What Does Comprehensive Dentistry Mean to Me?

Understanding Comprehensive Dentistry - Dr. Lepore
See how comprehensive dentistry is used at Dr. Lepore's dentistry to aid in preventive dentistry and taking care of the patient's oral health as a whole.

Do You Refer Out & Why?

Benefits of Referring Other Specialists - Dr. Lepore
Dr. Ryan Lepore explains how he has assembled a team of specialists to provide the most comprehensive dental services to patients in Dunedin FL.

What should I expect at my first dental visit?

New Patient Experience - Dr. Lepore
Watch to find out what you can expect from our new patient experience with Dr. Lepore in Dunedin FL

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